sentimento de propriedade 2

Assuming that when children cry after a toy they enjoy is taken away from them, the main reality provoking his bad feeling or his need to sgnal through cry that he is feeling pain, is that what the child reactions is about is that he feels a certain amount of pleasure is being taken away from him - of course the greater the joy he achieves with the toy, the greater the feeling of unpleasure when it is taken away. The reaction of cry is sgnaling to the adults that he is feeling that a certain amount of pleasure is being taken away from him. Children probably become more attached to the toy that they have obtain more pleasure with. Of course we are talking of the pleasure of joy and playfulness. And of course once they find a new toy that brings even more pleasure they will naturally loose interest in the other older ones, and become bord of them. He might maintain an attachment to his other toys as a token of memory, but the toy he really enjoys is the one that brings him joy today. And the point I am raising is about the toy of the today. Very well, if every moment we take the toy he is enjoying and he reacts crying, we teach him that the joy he feels with this toy is in him and the pleasure of playing with the toy just provoked it and that he can feel the same joy with other toys because the joy belongs to his emotional equipment and not to the toy, maybe if we when children learn this lesson well enough we might improve our way to react when we loose partners we love. I am not stating that we will not suffer, but as we will have experienced this in our early relationship with things that give us pleasure, maybe we can suffer less and overcome quicker depressing periods that fore some people can fall so heavily and last so long. As we improve our way to deal with our relationships we go naturally in the direction to change our sense of property. Because in the end what property is I like this therefore it belongs to me, I will defend this so that only I can interact with this. 'This' could be my house, my land, my friends, my partner, my ideas, my compositions, my work, my toys (the things, activities and people we like and love are to whom and to what we are most attached to) etc. The reason I say that this lesson must be taught enough during early childhood is because to learn things through reading does..t really do the trick, people must go through a living experience of these processes.
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