mental slavery 2

Although we carry national, professional, gendre and other kinds of identities that tend to fix our personality and our social role in life, we are not nations, professions and gendres. We are people with ever changing patterns, perceptions, experiences, needs and afections. Once we believe too much in representing these social roles, our ever changing state of being ceases to grow and we become enslaved to the mantainance of theses social roles. Our personality is colonized, and we loose contact or we censor our selves of discovering new roles during our life time. We move within our professional, familial and national circles; we become socially closed to the contact with the other, the stranger, the different; even when they are our neighbors - especially if they are our neighbors. Our awareness ceaces to grow and our atitude is stiffly inclined to the maintainance of the roles expected from our personality. Any possibility of changing our perception towards things and ourselves or yourself becomes a threat to the personality we have become forced to attach our self with and defend so dearly. In other words, people become afraid of their power to change themselves, their perceptions and awarness towards life.
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