processos de separação

Couples suffer less when they are both aware that being together has become more boring than fun. They suffer more if they seperate while they are still having a good time.
They suffer doubled if they were having a good time and they are not sure why they separated, and if it was the best option to deal with their misunderstanding. That..s because part of the suffering is about not knowing why and where relies the problems. In other words its the suffering of the confusion. But reality is even more of a mess. usually it is one of the two that has become "bord" of the other, either because found someone else or just lost the interest. As this is the most common case, the one left will suffer much more than the other. His pleasure has been taken away from him while he is enjoying and liking and having fun. At least he convinced himself of that, and that..s what matters. In the world we live in today where media environment maintains the female as the simbol of pleasure, most men are convinced that pleasure is in the exterior. Its that beautiful female produced by all these ads. So the males female partner is 'his' that thing associated with pleasure experience. He forgets, doesn..t know or is not aware that these beatiful ladies only produce this effect on him because he is biologically and emotionally equiped to feel atracted and driven twards them. Nature gives him the biological drive and cultural experiênce his emotional one. So desire is not so spontaneos after all, and it strikes me as a paradox that desire shows the closest we can get to what is real to a person or what is the world of each person and yet even our desires are so artificially built in us.
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